Please answer the following T / F questions.

These questions are designed to help in the assessment of your current marketing needs.

Please check the appropriate box that applies to your current situation.


I have the brand identity I want for my business.

My message is consistent across all marketing channels.

I have established communication objectives for my current customers and new customers.

I have established growth and sales goals.

I have a defined target market for each product / service.

I know where I rank with my competition.

I have the marketing materials I need to promote my brand message effectively to the right target market.

I utilize some, or all of these mediums: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Direct Mail.

I utilize Online / Digital marketing.

I currently have a working marketing budget.

I track my growth results.

I track my marketing spend for ROI.

I spend the required amount of time on creating and implementing my marketing plan.


If you have answered false to any of these questions, please do not wait to start growing your business and get it ON TRACK.  

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How much time do you have before the next customer goes to your competitor?